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Junk My Car Austin can get you the most cash for your junk car. Here's how. We have a vast network of junk car buyers in Austin and surrounding cities, Including Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Manor, Kyle, Leander and Buda. These buyers will make bids on yourjunk car and the highest bid get your car. Our buyers are mostly used parts dealers and junkyards the know how to make the most out of your old clunker. After the quick and easy purchase of your vehicle, we will transport it to one of our partner facilities where they will properly file transfer paperwork. Thejunk car is then assessed and properly placed in the correct location in the junkyard to be parted out. After the parts are sold off of the vehicle the Junkyard then has the chassis and all leftover parts crushed down for the remaining metal. So there you have it, from start to finish. We know you love your car! Some junk cars we buy have sentimental value to the owner and we all miss our first car. But don't be sad! The parts live on in other vehicles. Think of your vehicle as a donor and the engine can live on in another vehicle. When the time comes and your car is officially junk, you know who to call. Junk My Car Austin


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My husband had been holding on to his old car for too long, finally I convinced him to junk it. We shopped around for quotes but no one was able to match the price we were given by Junk my car Austin. They were able to come out the same day and paid us what they quoted over the phone. Nice!
 Denise G

The tow truck driver was so nice to pick up my truck at the shop after finding out it would cost a fortune to fix it. They got it off my hands with free towing from the mechanic that diagnosed a broken timing belt and bent valves. They were my lifesaver!

Adam L.



Our Staff

When you're dealing with Junk My Car Austin, you're in the best of hands. We have knowledge of virtually every make and model vehicle and we strive to provide our customers with the friendliest and most professional experience possible

Junk My Car Austin is an Austin based company and operate within a 50 mile radius of Austin's city limits. We have been in business for over ten years and in that time we have discovered how to get you the most cash for your junk car through vast network of buyers and recyclers. We are able to pay more because we buy the vehicles directly and never re-direct you to other junk yards as a middleman. When you sell your car to us, your dealing with experts. You wont have to waste your time with classified ad listings or junk yards. Junk My Car Austin is here to make it a great experience for the you, the seller.