Part of the history and lore of Round Rock involves the Chisholm trail, One of the famed routes for transporting cattle to distribution points in the Midwest in the mid nineteenth century. A man named Jesse Chisholm laid out his trail in 1865.This trail started on the Canadian river near present day Yukon, Oklahoma. Then proceeding to the north to Wichita, Kansas. The original plan for this trail was to provide a way to freight goods north in order to trade with the native American Indians. In 1866 Jesse decided to take a wagon train of goods plus 250 head of cattle over the same trail. This is when it became known as the Chisholm trail.

Since the actual Chisholm trail began north of Round Rock and Williamson County, the branch of the trail that went through Round Rock was not actually part of the trail but merely a feeder road. However, over the years all feeders that led into the trail became known as the Chisholm trail. The trail served the purpose of transportation. And still today it is used for our every day transportations.

Back then wagon trains were their "junk cars". Today hundreds of our cars travel the road known as the Chisholm trail in Round Rock. Junk my car Round Rock believes its our historic duty to serve Round Rock and pay the most for all junk cars. We believe in keeping the Chisholm trail used as what it was meant to be used for, transportation. Getting your old car off the road only leads to new cars on it!

A Little Round Rock History





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